• Cherry Hydration Healthy Hair Care set


    Give your hair a makeover. Get beautiful, healthy-looking hair with Cherry Hydration Ultimate Cleansing Cowash, No No Knots Evonne Essentials Cherry Hydration Detangling Therapy, Refreshing Repair Hydrating Hair Mist and Bouncy Curls Hair Pudding. Strengthens and repairs while providing a protective barrier from environmental stressors.   Cleansing Co-Wash penetrating, intensive, reparative conditioner shampoo prevent dryness, repair damage and enhance softness to hair. Our Refresher Hydrating Hair Mist is It is a leave in gentle moisturizer that conditions while hydrating our liquid leave in has biotin, shea butter, olive oil to your thirsty tresses.  You will love our Hair Pudding it defines natural curl without flaking and drying out hair, seals in moisture and nourishes hair . designed for all hair types.


    Cleanse - Cherry Hydration Ultimate Cleansing Cowash is creamy and nourishing to your hair, gently removing what you don’t need and preparing the hair for what you really need. Apply a liberal amount to wet hair and slowly massage into your hair and scalp. Your cleansing schedule will vary for your individual hair type.

    Condition - Refresher Hydrating Hair Mist is It is a leave in conditioner spray and massage in your hair and scalp. Spray hair after wash or you can use as a moisturizer daily  as needed.

    Detangle - No No Knots detangling can be used everyday or as needed, treat your hair to no more tangles or knots while improving comb-ability. The creamy formula has long lasting effects to leave your hair supple and manageable.

    Moisturize - Bouncy Curls Hair Pudding daily curl moisturizer is a curl life saver it quenched every curls with natural ingredients that makes hair strong and long. Used for twist out or any hair style you desire.

    Style - Your hair deserve the best, all of our stylers are designed to complete your holistic approach to hold in the precious moisture; preserving your strength, and ultimately shaping, defining and defrizzing your hair.