Evonne Essentials Cosmetics Amazing Mineral Light Loose Powder


Evonne Essentials Cosmetics Light Mineral Loose Powder - This loose setting powder acts as a veil to blur imperfections and set makeup with a subtle luminosity that adds dimension while eliminating shine for a natural, perfected finish. Designed to give you flawless, glowing complexion within seconds. Its oil-absorbing and nourishing properties is like magic on your skin to give it a beautiful, healthy shine. Helps to provide healing and medical benefits (zinc oxide and phenoxyethanol, Evonne Essentials Cosmetics Light Mineral Loose Powder- takes care of your skin and keeps it soft and supple. It provides a brilliant coverage and hides away all signs of skin disorders and blemishes, while working tirelessly to make your skin naturally beautiful and flawless. Paraben Free Formula that doesn’t clog pores and is the loose perfect mineral powder for those with sensitive skin. Its unmatched makeup and nourishing qualities make it a must have in your makeup kit. Can be used as a lighter coverage foundation or finishing powder.

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Warm Silk Base